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Why Jane?

So often we are asked multiple questions about skincare. But what many do not know is that there are adverse affects that can occur if you are using certain makeup products and ingredients. The creator of Jane Iredale has witnessed exactly that. With her experience as a makeup artist, working with models and actors she found that over time their skin was becoming irritated, red, and sore from the makeup being used. This sparked her interest in formulating a mineral makeup, that also offers AMAZING skincare benefits.

With this in mind we quickly fell in love with Jane Iredale. Each day became an exciting opportunity to try another shade of lipstick, and post waxing became an excuse to use different concealers and powders to cover up redness (which worked a treat!). To top it off amazing range of vegan brushes that are super soft and gentle on the skin, ever after more intense treatments such as chemical peels.

In the past I have used quite a lot of different makeup and skincare brands. Some have covered redness and breakouts well, but then seemed to make these issues worse. Other mineral makeup brands have not been able to cater to my more pale skin as they oxidise and darken, especially on a oily skin like mine. I was finding that I was having to be extremely pale for the first hour or so of the day and then the colour seemed to settle well, but any concealer used would then start to turn a pink-orange. For those of you out there that have used cream concealers on pale skin, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Over the last few years my skin has gone a little haywire, but finally I have discovered the perfect combination of Ultraceuticals and Jane Iredale. My morning routine now consists of Ultra Brightening Foaming Cleanser, Ultra Smoothing Pore Refiner, Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex, Ultra Protective Daily Moisturiser 50+ Mattifying. (I know this sounds like a lot but the beauty of using great cosmeceutical products is that they actually soak into the skin) My makeup is then applied on top of this. (The Mattifying PDM already has a pre-makeup base built in so no need for me to use primer!) I apply Glow Time BB cream straight from the tube onto the skin, this prevents product being wasted on my fingers. I blend this out from the center of my face and down my neck using the JI Blending/Contouring Brush. If I need to I will then go in using the Camouflage Brush with Circle Delete to cover blemishes or dark circles. (please come in and let me show you how to properly cover dark circles ladies, it would be my pleasure) Then using Moonglow Bronzer and the Chisel Powder brush I contour and highlight my cheeks and eyes and cupids bow. (TOP TIP: Mix 3 pumps of you Ultra PDM SPF50+ with a small amount of BB cream and you have a beautiful sheer coverage for every day.) All of this takes me around 10 minutes.

All in all having Jane Iredale in the salon has reignited my passion for makeup which I would love to share with you! Whether is is finding a new shade of blush or how to properly fill your eyebrows to compliment your facial structure, I am here.

Lets get your skin and makeup sorted!


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